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White screen of death or HTTP error 500 due to Memory limit

Recently, we have got an error called as White screen of death (HTTP error 500), when trying to setup an Woocommerce store. The error was appearing immediately when the Woocommerce plugin is activated. We thought it is an random issue hence,have re-installed WordPress also few times, disabled/enabled and installed/uninstalled Woocommerce so many times but nothing

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Updating attributes in Magento 2

Today we have faced some issues while working on updating the attributes in Magento. Magento2: Use default for product attributes in bulk updates If we had  set ‘New From Date’ and ‘New To Date’ to an incorrect value in store view level, But later to set the correct value In default config is a hectic to

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Image optimization in Servers

As you all aware that images place an important role in the current generation web but it also brings the issue of dealing with lot of data (bytes in size) between the server and client.For those, there are several types of solutions to implement at various levels like compressing/optimizing image while uploading at client side

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how to embed responsive youtube video for all devices

In the age of dynamic and interactive content, now or then we need to show playing media on web pages. The media should be compatible with all the devices across all the browsers i.e. responsive according the page layout rendering in the device (Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop). Lets see the below article to know

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how to connect mysql database remotely in windows

Every developer needs to connect to database to access the data stored. The direct database access will make creating new reports, analyzing the table structure and creating new data structures. Accessing database will take more time than the PhpMyAdmin and it is known that SQL tools tike MySQL Workbench will speed up the work. We

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loadjava: Loading Java Sources/Classes/Jars into oracle Database

Loading the Java Sources/Classes into Database is important thing in Java based application software. Java sources (jar/Classes) can be loaded into database by using few methods, and using loadjava command is one of them. loadjava:This is OS based utility tool by Database. This command will be available in the OS. This can be run by

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