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Procedure to display the departments, which are having total salary greater than?

Procedure without Parameters: CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE dept_sal_pISCURSOR C1 ISselect d.department_name,e.tot_sal from(SELECT department_id,sum(salary) tot_salFROM employeesGROUP BY department_idHAVING SUM(salary) > 50000) e,departments dwhere e.department_id=d.department_id;v_id departments.department_name%TYPE;v_sal employees.salary%type;BEGINOPEN C1;DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(‘Departments having salary greater than 50K are :’);LOOPFETCH C1 INTO v_id,v_sal;exit when C1%notfound;DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(v_id||’ ‘||v_sal);END LOOP;if c1%rowcount=0 then DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(‘No Departments found’);end if;CLOSE C1;END dept_sal_p; Procedure with Parameter as total salary limit:

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Write a query to display manager and employees under them?

select manager,count(employee), rtrim(xmlagg(xmlelement(e,employee||’,’)).extract(‘//text()’),’,’) as “Employees under the Manager” from (select e2.first_name manager,e1.first_name employee from employee e1,employee e2 where e1.reporting_to=e2.employeeid) group by manager;

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