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We are excited to announce the launch of our new website, which features a fresh design, improved navigation, and more content to help you learn about our products and services. Here are some of the highlights of the new website:

What we did?

  • A new homepage that showcases our latest news, events, and blog posts.
  • A new Platform / Product page that provides detailed information on our features, benefits, and Integrations.
  • A new Solutions page that explains how we can help customers with software development, Solution engineering and business needs.
  • A new Pricing page that showcases our product packages & subscriptions.
  • A new Resources page with information necessary for all the stakeholders.
  • A new contact page that allows customers to easily get in touch with us via email or social media and consists of location information.
  • A new set of legal pages like Privacy policy, Terms of Service, Affiliate terms, Communities, Data & privacy and other relevant pages


  • Mega Menu – Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • Mobile first design
  • Responsive design – Desktop, Tablet, Mobile
  • Total No of pages designed – 84
  • Blog posts – 6
  • Custom blocks – 104
  • Popups – 8
  • News pages – 7
  • Events Pages – 2
  • Forms – 3
  • Stock images & Image creation – 50+
  • Website Migration Setup
  • Image Optimization
  • Basic SEO setup
  • SEO for pages
  • Web copy for 80+ pages
  • Basic Performance optimization
  • Media CDN – Image / Video
  • Dark & Light Mode
  • Social Media profiles
  • Analytics & Search console property setup


  • Multilingual.
  • Login link for platform.
  • Pricing for products is pending from the Products team.
  • Server performance optimization, Azure server is too slow.
  • CDN for whole website.
  • Maintenance.
  • CRM Integration.
  • Performance optimization.
  • SEO Strategy.
  • SEO Technical issues & Tracking.
  • Chatbot
  • Live Chat

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