Protect your website from hackers,
malware and vulnerabilities

We scan your websites for vulnerabilities, cleaning them up and protecting them with the most powerful antivirus and security tools available.

Malware Removal

We remove viruses from your sites (even if from already compromised sites).


We can help you patch your websites for vulnerabilities as well as update your plugins and CMSs.

Deep Investigation

We will take care of investigating and eliminating any threats without you having to lift a finger.

Regular Scans

Our virus and vulnerability scans are conducted on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, to ensure that our sites remain safe from harm.


Our firewall protects you from all sorts of cyber threats, including injections and more.


We have your websites taken off of blacklists by having them cleaned and submitted to removal forms and search engines.

How does it work?

We scan your sites and automatically eliminate redirects, trojan horses, backdoors, shell scripts and other malicious code from PHP, JS, HTML, images, system files, and even binary files.

We use our own antivirus databases and artificial intelligence to detect as many website viruses and threats as possible, and to precisely delete malicious code from your sites. This preserves the stability of your sites after automatic cleanup. We even clean sites that have already been hacked.

Benefits of our service

99.87% detection rate

The best detection rate in the industry. It detects as many threats as possible, including new kinds of threats

No false positives

False positives rate — less than 0.0002%. You can always be certain that we won’t mislead you

100+ frameworks

Works with popular CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, DLE, PrestaShop and others.

1000+ plug-ins

Thousands of vulnerable plug-ins and components are covered.

Incident reports

You will get incident reports and the measures that we took. So you can follow our recommendations.

Safe cleanup

The industry’s safest cleanup procedures ensure that your site will remain stable after cleanup

10,000+ vulnerabilities

You will get incident reports and the measures that we took. So you can follow our recommendations.

What technologies🧑‍💻 do we cover?

Though our anti-virus built on PHP technology, it works well with all PHP & non-PHP websites.

The website firewall can be used on websites using the following CMSs: Joomla, WordPress, DLE (DigitaLife Engine), Drupal, ModX Evolution/Revolution, 1C Bitrix, Yii framework, NetCat, HostCms, UMI.CMS, CMS Made Simple, XenForo forum, CodeIgniter, PhpBB Forum, Webasyst, DiafanCMS, Vtiger CRM, Simpla, InstantCMS, Symfony and many more technologies.

Anti-virus and anti-malware works on all the PHP frameworks: Laravel Framework, Zend Framework, Laminas Project, CakePHP, Fat-Free Famework, Phalcon, Matomo, ownCloud, NextCloud and many many more technologies.

Open-source E-commerce platforms: WooCommerce, OpenCart, CS.cart, PrestaShop, Magento, osCommerce, Drupal Commerce, CubeCart, X-Cart.

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