Automate your business growth with AI-powered Bots and automations.

Business Automation

Looking for Automation assistance? You’ve come to the right place!

As a professional Automation Experts, We use Pabbly Connect, Make(Integromat), Zapier, FlowMattic, SureTriggers, Integrately to streamline business tasks on a daily basis. Let’s chat before you place your order to ensure I can meet your needs.

With these software, you can connect thousands of SaaS apps, automate repetitive tasks and share data in real-time.

Let’s automate your business process or workflow together! We’re here to eliminate tedious manual tasks with automations.


Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a digital technology that automates business processes using software robots to perform tasks instead of human workers.

RPA can be used in a variety of businesses, including financial services, manufacturing, health care, and retail.

We use Robomotion RPA, Python programming to deploy automation bots.


WhatsApp Automation

Are you interested in growing your business with WhatsApp? It’s easier to personalize communication and sell more with the WATI or WhatsApp Business API platform that automates marketing, sales, service and support.

Benefit of running a WhatsApp Automation

  • Push out your campaigns & engage with high response WhatsApp messages.
  • Tag contacts, categorize & target them in groups using personalized communications.
  • Build & nurture the relationships that generate future sales by engaging with your audiences regularly on WhatsApp.
  • Simplify mass communication and personalized responses with automated tools.
  • Boost sales by directly converting more customer communications on WhatsApp.
  • Use pre-built integrations to bring in customer context in a few clicks.
  • Push post sales communications such as order updates, and resolve support requests quickly through WhatsApp.


Digital Certificate with QR code

I will create a solution that

  • Collect data through forms
  • Create dynamic certificates with QR code
  • Store information in Notion / Google Sheets
  • Store certificates in cloud storage (Google Drive etc)
  • Digital certificate verification on your website (WordPress / website with API)
  • Send digital certificate through Email / WhatsApp instantly
  • Add to LinkedIn profile with 1-click

The solution can generate & verify any number of certificates in the given format.


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