loadjava: Loading Java Sources/Classes/Jars into oracle Database

Loading the Java Sources/Classes into Database is important thing in Java based application software. Java sources (jar/Classes) can be loaded into database by using few methods, and using loadjava command is one of them. loadjava:This is OS based utility tool by Database. This command will be available in the OS. This can be run by …

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expdp : Exporting datadump in Oracle 11g

The export can be done in two ways from local machine from Server From Local MachineFor Windows operating system Follow the steps# create directorycreate directory dmpdir as ‘c:/temp’;select directory_name,directory_path from dba_directories; # expdp ownercreate user scott identified by tiger;grant connect, resource to scott; grant read, write on directory dmpdir to scott;expdp scott/[email protected] directory=dmpdir dumpfile=scott.dmp logfile=expdp.log …

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In Big/complex applications, it is essential to call Sub-programs (Procedures/Functions) from other sub-programs. In that case it will be difficult to trace out Errors/Exceptions from where it is raised i.e. which sub-program caused the exception. Normally we can use SQLCODE and SQLERRM to get the error/exception, but these may not work in the above case. …


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