ORA-30926: unable to get a stable set of rows in the source tables

We will get this when we are trying to update a row in a table, for which there will be two or more corresponding records.

Table 1:

tc11 tcl2
t1 a
t2 b
t3 c
t4 d

Table 2:

tc21 tc22
b1 a
b2 b
b3 c
b4 d

Table 3:

tc31 tc32
t1 b1
t2 b2
t2 b3
t4 b4

We will get error, when we try to update TABLE1 by using TABLE3 as follows:

MERGE INTO table1 t1

USING table3

ON (t1.tc11=t3.t31)


UPDATE SET tc12=tc32;

It is because, for one record in TABLE1, we are getting multiple corresponding values in TABLE3 (i.e. for value “t2”, we are getting “b2” and “b3”).
So when the above query try to update TABLE1 based on “t2”, it cannot decide which value should be updated either “b2” or “b3”, there it will throw the “ORA-30926 unable to get a stable set of rows in the source tables” error.
Add few more conditions in WHERE clause, so that you can avoid such ambiguous situations.

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